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Quito it’s the Capital of the Republic of Ecuador. It long stretches on the slopes of Pichincha Volcano, from north to south in an area of over 27.28 miles. It is located 1748.4 miles above the sea level. Quito’s weather it’s like being in spring all year long, with a minimum temperature of 57.2 F and a maximum of 78.8 F. Quito population is about 2 million inhabitants, it’s a modern city, its Historical Center is one of the greatest and best conserved of all Latin America, with valuable convents and Churches that are ready to be admired. Quito’s typical dishes are "Fritada con llapingachos" (Sliced Fried Pork with fried mashed potatoes pancakes), " Hornado con mote” (Baked Pork with a native corn called mote), "Locro Quiteño" (Potatoes cream soup served with slices of avocado, and much more.
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