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  Do not stay without knowing the Galapagos Islands tours of 3 or 6 days, You know the Volcan Sierra Negra, Turtle Bay, Seymour Islands or Plazas, Isabela Island, walk in Concha y Perla.   The Galapagos islands in a toru 3 or 6 days, where an overnight can Plazas Islands, Seymour Island, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe Island, Charles Darwin Station, Bartolome Island, Beach Bachas.   6 Days of pure adrenaline in Galapagos takes snorkel with sea lions, turtles visit farms, visit the cracks, visit the boobies, iguanas, flamingos and more.  

Visit the Enchanted Isles in fabulous cruises that will take you around the archipelago runs from 4 days or 8 days. Make trips to different parts of the islands.

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