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  • Puerto Ayora
  • Baltra beach
  • Grietas Galapagos
  • Canal Itabaca
  • Puerto Ayora
  • Baltra beach
  • Grietas Galapagos
  • Canal Itabaca


Minimum daily and are Private Services
Private Individual Departures

FITS (2-4 pax)
Minimum 2 pax are semiprivate Services
Daily Departures

GROUPS  (5-16 pax)
Minimum 5 pax are Shared Services
Daily departures

* Prices per person in USD. Children pay 20% rate

Daily Departures.  Lunch supplement of $ 40 AA

Departure from your hotel 8:30 or 14:30 and walk to the pier for a short navigation in “Boat” to LOBERIA, where you can snorkel with sea lions, then navigation to Punta Estrada; hike up to LAS GRIETAS, choice of swimming in a natural pool of clear water, a chance to see fish, marine iguanas, followed on walk back to the boat to Puerto Ayora. If time allows you can enjoy the beach and return on your own.

Daily Departures – Lunch supplement of $ 40 AA

8:30 or 14:30 departure from your hotel in Puerto Ayora on transport to get to the “top of Isla Santa Cruz” visit one of the farms there are, where we see the giant tortoises in the wild walking or bathing in its swamps, also accompany us on the trek birds like the “Finches Carpenters, birds Warlocks with red plumage, we will have the opportunity to enter lava tunnels. When this visit is made upon arrival to the airport you can have lunch watching the turtles all the time. Followed return or transfer to Puerto Ayora continue if the service started at the airport.

Daily Departure. Lunch supplement of $ 40 AA

Departure 08:00 or 14:00 hours from your hotel to Tortuga Bay Beach, we will walk to the entrance of the ecological trail surrounded by much vegetation typical of the island and in 40 minutes we will arrive at this beautiful beach, with white sand and mangroves at its sides. Time to enjoy at “PLAYA MANSA” you can snorkel too. We will see fish, marine iguanas, wolves; then return to the hotel. Bring towels and equipment from your hotel. Supplement transfers by boat $ 20 pp

Departures: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – with Lunch

Depart 07:00 AM by bus to the “Itabaca” Canal; from there, navigation in YACHT to Seymour Island. Walk along the coast and interior of this island, where we will appreciate vegetation of Cactus and “Palo Santo”, birds such as the colony of Frigatebirds, blue footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, marine iguanas and many sea lions. Lunch on board and in the afternoon at PLAYA BACHAS we will enjoy the white sand beach, time to swim and “Snorkell” where we will see Marine Turtles and many fish, return 15:00 in Puerto Ayora.

Departures: Tue, Thu, Sat and Sundays – with lunch

Depart 07:30 AM by bus to “Itabaca” Canal to board the vessel. Even though the South Plaza Island is among the smallest of the Islands, it is famous for its extraordinary flora and large number of species. During this walk and semi-hike you will appreciate the largest colony of sea lions, red billed tropicbirds, pear cactus trees, Iguanas, and Swallow tailed Gulls. Lunch will be served on board. Return at 16:00h

Departures: Mon, Tue, Wed and Friday – with Lunch

Depart 06:00 AM by bus to the “Itabaca” Canal to board the vessel to Bartolome Island. Bartolome Island is the most picturesque Island of the Galapagos, unique for its twin bays and pinnacle shaped rock which are well-known Galapagos landmarks. The underwater nature is incredibly beautiful; snorkeling with penguins, sea lions, colorful tropical fish, and marine turtles. Lunch will be served on board the vessel and a walk up one of the volcanic shaped (mount) cones to admire the view of the surrounding Islands Rabida, Santiago, and Santa Cruz along with the volcanic landscape. Return at 16:00h to Puerto Ayora.

Departures: Mon, Wed, Fri and Sunday – with Lunch

Departure 07:30 and land transfer to the Itabaca Canal or Puerto Ayora, from there navigation to make an experiential fishing tour around Santa FE Island and its reefs, we will appreciate from the yacht birds such as blue-footed boobies, Galápagos sparrowhawk , with “Snorkell”, you will see sharks, stingrays. Lunch on board. In the afternoon by land in Santa Cruz Island, on the way you will see the coffee farms until you reach PLAYA GARRAPATERO, time to swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters, to see tropical fish. Return.